Here Goes Nothing (or everything?)

Here Goes Nothing (or everything?)


Not my first blog.  But, life.  Life happened.

So here I am, ready to try again… to share that life with you.  Past and present.

Because, I can =)

But mostly because I’ve learned a lot, and through it all, have an increasing desire to reach out and share with those around me.

Who Am I?

My name is Amy.  At first glance, I’m a wife, of 10 years, and a mom of 3, ages 14, 8 and 7 mos. (again, that’s life, folks).

Yes, I will be the parent of a teenager for 21, continuous years.


That alone should provide enough material to fill a blog 😉

My World

As if that’s not enough, I can’t picture a home without pets!  I’m such an animal lover; currently pet parent of 2 cats, a turtle I “rescued” in the 5th grade (And by rescue I mean trapped in a butter tub and snuck home on the bus, 25 years ago), and a voluptuous Mini Pig named Sweet Tea Charlotte or “Sweets”.  She’s our house pig, AKA a fury, 150lbs, toddler.

They keep me busy*.

*(exhausted and frustrated)

Most days look like this…

The Glam Life

Writing is a newer form of expression, for me.  I also cook (for business and pleasure), crochet, and am generally a creative/crafty person.  You can see more of that, if we connect, on Facebook or Instagram or Pinterest.

There’s something about writing though, that I’ve held off on.  Creating a new recipe or pattern, with yarn, or sharing someone else’s ideas, doesn’t warrant the same vulnerability or judgement as written word.

One thing I’ve recently learned, however, is a confidence to speak my mind.  And I have a lot to say! So the time for courage, has arrived.


I’m here, today, opening up, beyond the superficial introduction.  Because we all know, life is more complicated than that!  And goodness, what good is a blog without some juicy details. =)

And boy, am I looking forward to getting these thoughts and stories out of my head!  Even if its at a slower pace, due to the neediness that surrounds me.

What’s to Come

I will be using this space to ultimately write about Wellness.  Of Mind, Body, and Soul.

Could I pick a broader topic??  Not likely.  But, I’m putting myself out there, to help those who are struggling.

Because I’ve been there.

For me, life has been a tug of war between being well and finding the right balance between physical, mental and spiritual health.

Balance being the key word, and also the biggest struggle.

Over the years, I had gone from one extreme to the other, in each of these areas.  Usually only focusing on one at a time and wondering why the other areas were falling apart.

It wasn’t working.  Instead I was continually frustrated and lacking.

Can you relate to being sick and tired of being sick and tired??

It’s only recently I realized just how much each of these areas matter in creating Wellness.  All of them, working together.

So now it is my mission to help you be well, through health, vitality and contentment.

My Story

It was about 3 years ago (2014), when I was given a wake-up call.  Ultimately, I was stripped of my mental and physical health, and left spinning out of control.  (There will be more on that bit, in future posts.)

I had a choice to make.  Sink or swim.

As I was bounced around the choppy waters, trying to make sense of what my life had become, it was through nourishing my soul’s health, that literally saved my life and gave me my sanity and physical health back.

You see, I decided to grab ahold of the only flotation device I could reach. The life saver, I learned had been there all along… God.

Hope I didn’t lose you, there.  I expect that some of you reading this may be questioning my credibility at this point.  You may even be thinking, oh great, she’s one of THOSE people.

Well, whether you believe in God, or not, I plan on writing a lot about how my life has completely changed, for the better, because of the spiritual journey I’ve been on.  And frankly, how getting my soul “healthy” has allowed every other part of my life to fall into place.

Coming from a life of chronic depression, anxiety, and broken relationships, lead to the heavy emotions of self doubt and worthlessness, as well as a number of years lost to substance abuse, and even more years in therapy.  The transformation I’ve experienced is nothing short of miraculous.

For the first time, ever, I’m feeling good about life, and myself.

I want the same for YOU.

Is everything rainbows and unicorns?? Oh goodness, no.  Far from it.

Life isn’t easy, despite what social media portrays.  I believe life is messy, for all of us.

After all, we’re just a planet of imperfect people, doing the best we know how.  And lets face it, some only know ugly.  Unfortunately, I don’t think there is any way around that.  It’s a broken world, we live in.

I’m here to say, it’s time to learn better, so we can do better.  Lets stop making things more difficult than they have to be and start acting on what we do control.

Things like our thoughts and environment, is a good place to start.

Imagine feeling better, looking better, living better.  What could that do for you?

Thank You

For now, I will be using my messy life, as a means, to share a message.  A message of hope, health, perseverance, and fulfillment.  Also a message of familiarity, for anyone else finding themselves in the middle of a mess.

Through my mess, I have been blessed.  Even though it hasn’t been an easy road, I hope to share what I’ve learned and am learning along the way.  Thank you, for joining me on my journey.

I hope that my stories of faith, family and lifestyle are a blessing to you.





One thought on “Here Goes Nothing (or everything?)

  1. Life is nothing but a journey, and seeing you have made it through the rocky roads is quit inspiring. Learning.. learning is a daily lesson no matter your age. Thank you for enriching us, for hearing it from someone that’s been there makes it more meaningful.

    P.S. I love the pictures and Congratulations on your Blog. 🙂


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