I Have A Plan… Do You Trust Me? ~God

I Have A Plan… Do You Trust Me? ~God


Trust in the Lord with ALL of your heart
At ALL times and in ALL things
For it is by your trust His guidance gracefully moves
A selfless task, sought by many, conquered by few

Worry, doubt, and fear, speak most loudly when it’s time
And here in worldly thoughts is where hesitations pause action
Even for a moment, God’s Will is put on hold
To acknowledge the contrary before any movement is made

You don’t see the prosperity or blessings poured freely
They’re held back by the dam your insecurities have built
Not on purpose, not by desire, brick by brick the wall will rise
Keeping the safer road lit, never aware of the cost

These moments add up with each passing day
As you attempt to play God and fail with each try
It’s your soul’s knowing Spirit that mourns all that is lost
The possibilities that could have been; denying His plan

To trust the unseen, the unknown, and unpopular
Seems crazy to those hiding in fear all around you
So you sit and you question all these realistic scenarios
Ironically walking in hand with the creator of our universe

Surely, His blessings and love overwhelm comprehension
If anyone can be trusted it’s the God of forever
Why blindly follow the steps of those gone prior
With a heart half full; abundance locked behind what’s lacking

A life isn’t true until trust is surrendered
With everything that is in you and all that you have
For the fear is a lie, only hurting your self
Security is what you seek, while security is what’s lost

If completely you trust the more completely you’ll thrive
In all that you do, you have, and you hold, that level of trust determines your life
So jump into the water, no matter how rough
Through trust you will soar and go further than ever

Knowing God’s love looks into eternity
It’s time to break down the wall and let trust flow freely
Each moment that’s lost with a toe on dry land,
Is a missed opportunity for your soul and the Kingdom

Ask any soldier that’s taken the leap
And they’ll tell you the worth of those life changing steps
You’ll never look back once you trust with your all
For it is only through Jesus love and life will abound
~Amy Swanson



One thought on “I Have A Plan… Do You Trust Me? ~God

  1. Amy I love this!!! And right now I am living it! God asked me to trust him and jump and I have…I’m all in, but unfortunately there are family members still standing firm on the dry land and can’t comprehend how I would dare jump. My life is soaring in new directions that I had only wished for and my God has a hold on me and I on Him and I refuse to come to come out of the water!!! Thank you for sharing!! 💞


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